Maasai Mara; What to Wear

There is a beautiful ambience with traveling. Most of the time though, most of us get confused by what to pack especially if it’s a new country. So, if you are flying into my country, I can assure you Kenya is not as unpredictable when it comes to its climate and weather. Let’s get back… Continue reading Maasai Mara; What to Wear

Maasai Mara; Wildebeest Migration

It’s July- a month where Kenyans will complain about the cold and the rains. It was hilarious following the circulating memes when it snowed in Nyahururu. I think I should have gone snowboarding! What I love about July for me is the annual wildebeest migration. Yes, I am a wild girl who falls effortlessly in… Continue reading Maasai Mara; Wildebeest Migration