AFREEKMOJI: Express The African In You

We all have to admit that the digital and tech world needed something we could relate ourselves to. What about emojis that are representative of Africa and its rich culture?  That would brighten our conversation and not forgetting bring out emotions in a more  homely state? You guessed it right! Afreekmoji is an Afrocentric emoji App… Continue reading AFREEKMOJI: Express The African In You


Miss Tourism competition 2003, that had her crowned Miss Nairobi, brought her to the spotlight. A lady from humble beginnings, with roots of a submerged ethnic community, sure had passion for fashion. Lyndsey McIntyre of Surazuri Modeling Agency saw to it that her beauty didn’t go unnoticed. A high fashion model and a family lady,… Continue reading BEING TRUE TO YOURSELF


Her elegant smile coupled by her taste in fashion and her charisma had her a lifetime award in Harlem- New York, where this photo has its roots. It was in a local restaurant where the Congressman, Charles Rangel and Harlem Arts Alliance Chairman, Voza Rivers named October the 20th Lupita Nyong’o Day. Rivers justified the move… Continue reading BENEATH YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.