Courtesy of Erikson Safari Rover Assuming its the first day of February 2018. Yes, lets assume you have roughly two and a half weeks to book your ticket for the Mara Valentines Expedition. The expedition will run from 16th to 18th February and the charges are 10,000 (100$) Shillings per head. This activity will give… Continue reading MARA VALENTINES EXPEDITION

Beaches in Coastal Kenya

Who said you need to spend your entire life savings to actually have some decent fun time at the Kenyan tropical coast? The public beaches in the Kenyan coast offer a very serene environment for relaxation as well as tasting the Swahili cuisine and the lovely single and mingle escapades. You do not have to… Continue reading Beaches in Coastal Kenya

Zanzibar on a Budget; Top Tips

Zanzibar is a beautiful semi-autonomous region of Tanzania. It has some few more tiny islands not frequented by tourists. The serene environment coupled with the clear, turquoise-blue water and sandbars are just breath taking. With numerous hotels, resorts, and beautiful photo sites, here are the top tips of how you can travel to Zanzibar on… Continue reading Zanzibar on a Budget; Top Tips