Top 5 Valentines Fashion Gifts for Men

Fashion has evolved to be a statement in both genders. In many, it acts as an identity and a symbol for status quo. With variety of local designers, getting a perfect piece is proving to be easy. Here are the top five fashion items your man will love as valentines gifts, inclusive are the best… Continue reading Top 5 Valentines Fashion Gifts for Men

Why you should own a Dera

Deras have evolved from being Swahili cultural dresses to every woman must have. It trended back in 2017 and most may think it should not be dragged to 2018 especially due to it’s abuse. Yes, most bloggers talked about it being transparent and all over. Well, here at Fashion Icons Tan, we advise you to… Continue reading Why you should own a Dera

JW Fashion Show 2017

Considered to be one of the best marketed events in the Kenyan fashion industry, the JW fashion show will mark its 5TH year- 6th edition with the anticipative success of the 2017 event. The event is scheduled for this Saturday,the 4th of November at 7:00 pm  at Thika Road Mall (TRM) Convention Centre on 3rd floor.… Continue reading JW Fashion Show 2017

Tony Chirah

Tony Chirah describes himself best as both a brand and a person. He is a  Concept, Talent, Image, and Event Consultant. He is a Photographer & Modeling Choreographer at Immortal Dream Consult. His affiliations include;  Immortal Dream Consult, Kenya Modeling Fraternity, KMF Talent Management and IMMORTAL Studios. With the recent Miss World competition in South… Continue reading Tony Chirah

METTÂ 2017; Men in Fashion

Metta is a global collective of people, ideas and resources with a shared belief in innovation. A platform where innovators become one. Their second Meet and Mingle series, dubbed Men In Fashion will be happening today as from 6p.m to 8p.m. The event will be a combination of networking, showcasing and a panel. The panelists are… Continue reading METTÂ 2017; Men in Fashion

4 Reasons to Wear a Watch

Not so long ago wrist watches were considered strictly women’s fashion. The then silly trend has evolved to what has now become a must have. Have you ever wondered why you need a wrist watch with all these phones around? Well, we picked the best four black owned watch brands to help you pick reasons… Continue reading 4 Reasons to Wear a Watch

Hidesign New Collection

Founded in 1978 by Dilip Kapur of Indian origin, Hidesign bags caught the attention of many being the first few to be manufactured in Europe and America during the time. The fame grew a little too first and soon they had moved from their small alternative shops in San Francisco and London to more profound stores in… Continue reading Hidesign New Collection