Trending ; Styling Sneakers

Sneakers were not so long ago considered sports wear or shoes for other forms of physical exercises. Their what I chose to refer to as ‘fashionary revolution’ came at a time where everyone needed it. I mean, let’s admit it, if you care about looking exemplary good, then you probably have tried  to fit in that fashion icons categories by rocking heels that even the devil beneath you mocked the way you walked! How do I forget to include the fact that it is too embarrassing and humiliating trying to maintain that catwalk. Shame aside, talk about the muscular strains and feet pain!

Sneakers have become a must have with fans having to research about them, their availability and authenticity (we have a lot of mitumbas around), and how to pull that killer look effortlessly. With these upscale sneaker outfits I have lined up for you, it won’t be too hard to pull that classy look for that function without necessarily looking like a tomboy

Huddah T-shirt dress
A T-shirt dress never goes wrong. Make sure it suits your body though before it becomes your worst fashion decision!
Maintain the Africanism in you by rocking that Ankara with your favorite pair of sneakers
body con
the right dress for the right body with the right shoes! Get your body con dress on
maxi skirt
maxi pleated or unpleated skirt, a t-shirt and sneakers, find the right handbag for that chic look
prints…pair your sneakers with the right kimono
tulle skirts
Tulle skirts… a bit of style, a lot of comfort!
Converse never disappointed nobody, try it today with that flaring little dress
rihannah jumpsuit
jumpsuit yaaaassss Princess Riri rocking adidas
be that chic in the street!
2013 MTV Movie Awards Arrivals
Caitlin Gerard rocking a green dress and some sneakers on the red carpet. Sneakers have no boundaries…simple!

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