Maasai Mara; What to Wear

There is a beautiful ambience with traveling. Most of the time though, most of us get confused by what to pack especially if it’s a new country. So, if you are flying into my country, I can assure you Kenya is not as unpredictable when it comes to its climate and weather. Let’s get back to Maasai Mara; still wondering what to wear? Here is what I would advice

For me, when in a vacation, my mornings begin at 10a.m (don’t judge me, it’s a vacation!). For those who are usually overly excited about the unfolding and never want to miss a thing, we can take your mornings as 6 a.m.  The weather is usually chilly, you can work with a micro-fleece or a fold up brolly. Ditch those weights and raincoats. Its never that raining until around March-May(long rains) or October-December (short rains).

hunting polar jacket
this is an example of what you can wear on those chilly mornings,


 The day most of the time is spent on drives and walks . First, make sure you guard yourself with items to protect you against the sun and the dust. Sun proof hats, sun proof glasses, sunscreen oil and a face towel for the sweat are highly advisable. Wide brimmed safari hats in case it is the rainy season is also advised.

When it comes to the colors you pick for your clothes, neutral colors are highly recommended. Dark colors will get you roasted and inflamed… what’s the fun in that? Light colors are going to scare away the animals while blue is going to attract the tsetse flies. Dust colors- green, khaki, brown and such can fit in. Trousers that zip off to become shorts are also good with the dust. They can be worn in the morning, then turned into shorts when the sun comes out and the dust follows it.

wide brimmed hat
one of the items you need for the scorching sun- wide brimmed safari hat in a dust color

Knock! Knock!….okay, let me cut that long story short- there are mosquitoes! Mosquito repellents play an invaluable role in every safari. For the night, you can also opt for maxi skirts or dresses, or a trouser for your sexy flawless legs. A sweater can be needed depending on how your body reacts to the cold. You might need a heavy sweater if its one of those extreme cold seasons like July.

Traveling Tips; You might need a pair of binoculars so you can be in a position to view as wide. If you love capturing memories like I do, a camera should be the first thing you pack. A head torch for the short nights (you will probably be worn out after the drive) and if you enjoy a good read like I do, you can have one. I can’t explain what a good book does to my life!

If you have another traveling tip, or another idea of what to wear when going to the Maasai Mara, let me know at the comment section. You can write to me what traveling destination you would like me to tackle next, and I would be happy to do it. Share with friends and families…I mean, there is never a better time to travel! Follow our pages on Instagram @fashioniconstan, Twitter @fashioniconstan, Facebook Fashion Icons Tan





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