Maasai Mara; Wildebeest Migration

It’s July- a month where Kenyans will complain about the cold and the rains. It was hilarious following the circulating memes when it snowed in Nyahururu. I think I should have gone snowboarding!

What I love about July for me is the annual wildebeest migration. Yes, I am a wild girl who falls effortlessly in love with the wild anytime (suitors I hope you are reading through…) Apart from the random pictures I take of the clouds dancing above the leaves forming magnificent images,  I am pro animals too. If you visit Kenya at this time of the year, or if you are planning an escape from life’s hurdles Maasai Mara  should be on your list!

July and August always has the highest number of turn ups; they are the most popular of times. It is estimated to have around 180-200 numbers of cars. However, if you would like the deserted Mara, you can chose to visit in September and October. The crossing can start as early as June but how fun would it be without the kids around? Do not worry about your kids. The Mara offers the most hospitable environment for your child. Talk about family rooms to safe and welcoming lodges, and a million wild games with the bushes include. If you have  a thing for African culture like I do, you will definitely love the experience of learning about the Maasais.

Beautiful Maasai kids adorned in cultural ornaments entertaining at the Maasai Mara

What else does Maasai Mara got to offer? There are the  great plains, the  Maasai villages and the Big Five.

Now that you are looking forward to the Mara experience, are you scared about the packing for you and your kids? The change of weather can be scary, you might need layers and waterproofs. That’s a section I would tackle next, follow the blog for more updates.

Drop your inquiries at the comment section and feel free to contact me. Watch out for my next section as I help you with your packing. Follow me on Instagram @fashioniconstan on on Facebbook @ Fashion Icons Tan and Twitter @fashioniconstan

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