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I can’t invite you to an event and not give you hints on what to wear. There is the Buibui and  Kanzu, and then there is Lesos. You see, I grew up within that sphere filled with Swahili traditions, culture and heritage. Each lady was supposed to own at least a Gora.  It was totally disrespectful for a lady to show any body parts that begin at the neck to her ankle.

Lesos were perceived as not only a measure of dignity and morality but also status.  The retailer signified your status quo. Women were keen to read out their names which were written at the seam line after the MsemoThe msemo acted as a mode of communication; it was used as a way of apologizing, wooing a woman, and as decoration in weddings accompanied by henna and Piko body tattoos. The most adored and renowned designers back in the days and are still worshiped by most Swahili women include, Mali ya Abdulla, Mali ya Francis and Tanzania Mama.

I had to show you this collection from Abdullah, visit the website attached to order yours

Over the years, Lesos have evolved. Apart from being confused and referred to Khanga– an older version of them, to becoming Vitengeused as material by designers . I don’t blame nobody though, check out these beautiful Leso designs. You are allowed to sue me if you don’t get a design for the Pwani International Fashion Week and Awards !   

Hit me up at the comment section and tell me what you think about the designs. Do tell me what you’d like me to talk about next as I prepare you for the Pwani International Fashion Week and Awards . Follow me up on instagram @fashioniconstan , Facebook as Fashion Icons Tan Twitter as @fashioniconstan

chunky belt accessories
Create the best look out of your Leso by adding a chunky belt. Pair it with the right shoes and accessories.
leso dress
Accessorizing is the best trick ever! Pair it with the right handbag and trust me, you will break a neck
sleeveless maxi dress
Turn it to a maxi dress that best fits your body type. This particular clothe is best for any body shape because it hides many flaws,
off shoulder
This is the best design ever for me. It definitely gets your sexy legs out at the same time complimenting your neck. Just lovely!
border off central
hey, you can challenge your designer and ask them to have your border sideways instead. Make sure you have figure to match!
caroline mutoko
Now now now!! I love this totally. and its not for the mothers and older women, hey girlie…. this should look lovely on you!
African Print Montage Lecoil
Mix and match all the prints if you want to! huny, all the prints belong to you. two different lesos can do this job for you
kenge as a headwrap. Karama Collection
This one from Karama Collection shows you exactly how to tie it as a headwrap
leso as an accompaniment
Lesos placed on the shoulders or around the neck and waist act as a fashion statement on its own. I’ve seen my mum pull this trick all the time to fit in when dressed in a different kind of design.
as an official wear. 'Kujitanda'
Lesos are official enough for any meeting. Just pick the right brands and prints for you.
swahili ladies
mixing lesos isnt that bad after all!
african prints
What I love about Lesos is that it goes beyond racial borders! That’s exactly what the world needs right now

photo credits; Pinterest





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