Well, are you tired of all the chemicals you’ve applied on your face that in many instances don’t give the desired effects? Those bottles and sachets filled with all manner of hard-term scientific ingredients and instructions under fake testimonials? I got your back. Forget all those ‘lose weight without gym and dieting’ fraudsters!

I bring you a series of natural and homemade remedies for your skin, hair and even diet.

Avocado remains the most affordable and available fruits and I personally find it the epitome of all my nutritious needs. It is proved to contain vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids that would do your skin justice if only you let it to! Here are my top ten of what I consider beauty benefits of the extremely adored avocado fruit.

  1. Facial Mask

I saw my sister’s face green sometime in my late teenage years and I kept wondering why she was wasting such an important part of our diet. She massaged her face gently and softly paying important attention to the area below the eyes and the sides of her nose. I watched just like any younger one would and waited for the results.  Here it is; do you want your skin softer, fresher and younger, with the entire glow your mirror can possibly reflect? You are in the right blog. With all the nourishment it gives as a fruit, avocado became and remained an important part of my fruit basket since then. The moisturizing and hydrating effects it possesses makes it ideal for the best homemade mask. The mask is effortlessly made and only the discipline in its apply will determine the degree of your success. Give it 2-3 weeks; you are welcome to give a testimony.

  1. Hand Scrub

There was this time I met this slay queen with nice make-up(looked expensive) and extremely nice nails. However, when I got a chance to shake hands with her, I felt like that definitely must be a man straight from making a concoction of cement and sand to build a house in the darkest of our African land! How hilarious it would be seeing someone smashing an avocado in their hands until it pastes out?! Relax, it isn’t that bad. Having a beautiful face and a flirting smile with extremely hard palms is that bad- actually its suicidal for me!  Using a mixture of avocado and ground oats or sugar to scrub gently will leave your hands moisturized and nourished. It will feel silky smooth like the little pampered royalty you should be.

  1. Prevents Aging

Those folds at the corner of your eyes are making it difficult for you to smile? Are you avoiding laughing too loud? It’s time to give your pretty self a break. Antioxidants present in avocados protect your skin from environmental damage. These environmental damages on your skin may include fine lines, wrinkles and any other sign of aging.  The presence of vitamin c also maintains the firmness and elasticity of your skin and thus ensures it looks young and adorable. Feeling like old age is creeping in fast and you don’t want to lose that youngster grip, you know what to get to reduce the rate of aging NATURALLY! Black men and women of stature, you don’t need any plastics in your body.

  1. Sunscreen Option

Our melanin skin gives us advantages over so many things, including sunburn. Never the less, there are those among us who experience sun burns, especially on their faces- I’m a victim.  It’s either the sun gets me so burnt to an extend I feel some dizziness or get an inflammation.  If you experience these symptoms like I do, join me in this amazing beauty-with-avocado journey. The presence of a high amount of vitamin E in avocados gives it the sunscreen properties. Vitamin E reduces the effects of UVA and UVB radiations. This vitamin is usually more helpful and reliable if it’s obtained from natural sources.  So, why not avocado on your skin? It has the properties to reduce facial redness and the burning sensation. Hun, the time to get those bottles and sachet in the trash is now!

  1. Moisturizer

How many moisturizers have you applied on your skin in an attempt of achieving a good glowing skin? Well, the struggle of being beautiful is real no matter what the society says. You do not need any pharmacist or beautician to prescribe you anything! You’ve got avocados that contain monounsaturated fatty acids that maintain the moisture in the epidermal skin.  This said and done, expect a hydrated and soft skin.  The Omega-9 fat (oleic acid) present also helps in regenerating damaged cells, reducing facial redness and irritation. You got an irritating dry skin? You know what that skin needs by now.

avocado fruit

  1. Bad Breath

Hello, who feels shy talking about this? We all do. So let’s take action. Bad breath comes from the stomach and not necessarily the mouth, not unless, of course, you have a cavity or gum infection. Avocado acts as an intestine and mouth cleanser by helping in the removal of the microbes which are the causative agent of bad breath. Just a rinse from a drink daily and sit back and tabulate the changes. Your partner will be the first to give the testimony, let’s get those kissing sprees on. You are welcome.

  1. Rejuvenating Body Lotions

Do you have these parts of your body that are just impossible? I’m talking about those parts that over time chose to be hard and dry and have shunned change no matter what you use. Is it your elbows or your heels? We all got one. My knees were that part of me that was just hard and rough for no reason, until, you know- avocados became my glory trail. It nourished and rejuvenated these stubborn parts and left them soft and supple. It will feel like a baby’s, evident.

  1. Nails and Cuticle

Then there are those among us blessed with nails you wish were food! (Yeah, I love food). The good thing is; your nails too have the ability to be just more than those fragile beings that break once they come into contact with water– especially soapy water- or those that cut themselves from weird angles all the time. It is so heart breaking, I know! Trust me, all you need is to massage your nails and cuticle with an avocado paste then sit down and watch Excellency unfold. Your nails will become cuter, stronger and healthier. Discipline Hun, discipline.

  1. Shaving Cream

My research has shown me that avocado paste is used solely as a shaving cream in some countries. So it got me thinking; South America, where avocados are always in season, how healthy and well groomed are their men?! No wonder I see photos of these black men with beards slaying! I mean, my love for beards isn’t something I can refute but having one well shaven and taken care of, now that’s a complete turn on! All these well groomed bearded dragons should campaign to make it an official look. Other ladies who fall in the bearded squad and me will boycott you through the cities and back! 😉

  1. Protection to the eyes

The window to the soul is the eye. What do yours reflect? Do they reflect a soon to be blind youngster or another with cataracts knocking? Or do they scream of dark circles and droopy lids? All in all, I feel you. I won’t sympathize with you if you haven’t tried an avocado paste on those unders. It’s not magic neither is it a complicated chemistry assignment, it’s just a simple homemade easy stepped routine to get your youthful aura on.

Do you love avocados? Have you ever used it as a secret ingredient in the attempts of maintaining your beauty? Is it among your beauty secrets? Let me know at the comment section. Remember to keep following so you can be the first to know where else avocados and other fruits can play a role. Tada!


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