My heart wept together with the millions of blacks all over the globe. It all started out as a protest against the removal of a statue of confederate icon General Robert E Lee, but as usual, nothing can hide the fact that the need for white supremacy overshadows it all. The protests took a violent… Continue reading CHARLOTTESVILLE; WHAT WE HAVE TO SAY

Trending ; Styling Sneakers

Sneakers were not so long ago considered sports wear or shoes for other forms of physical exercises. Their what I chose to refer to as ‘fashionary revolution’ came at a time where everyone needed it. I mean, let’s admit it, if you care about looking exemplary good, then you probably have tried  to fit in… Continue reading Trending ; Styling Sneakers

Maasai Mara; What to Wear

There is a beautiful ambience with traveling. Most of the time though, most of us get confused by what to pack especially if it’s a new country. So, if you are flying into my country, I can assure you Kenya is not as unpredictable when it comes to its climate and weather. Let’s get back… Continue reading Maasai Mara; What to Wear

Maasai Mara; Wildebeest Migration

It’s July- a month where Kenyans will complain about the cold and the rains. It was hilarious following the circulating memes when it snowed in Nyahururu. I think I should have gone snowboarding! What I love about July for me is the annual wildebeest migration. Yes, I am a wild girl who falls effortlessly in… Continue reading Maasai Mara; Wildebeest Migration

Trending; Leso Designs

I can’t invite you to an event and not give you hints on what to wear. There is the Buibui and  Kanzu, and then there is Lesos. You see, I grew up within that sphere filled with Swahili traditions, culture and heritage. Each lady was supposed to own at least a Gora.  It was totally disrespectful for… Continue reading Trending; Leso Designs


Are you planning to go to the coast and you have no motivation so you keep postponing it? You getting tired of the sun and the beaches?- okay, who ever gets tired of the sands at the beaches?! This blog might be just perfect for you anyway.  Pwani International Fashion Week and Awards has its… Continue reading PWANI INTERNATIONAL FASHION WEEK & AWARDS


I was supposed to skip this part for later but the need from demand prompted me. Instead of avocado for hair as promised, today I take you through a few of homemade masks that are easy to make and not time consuming. Together with all the nourishment avocados can give, my recipes will contain a… Continue reading MY BEAUTY SECRETS; AVOCADOS (PARTS 2)